Erica Drisdelle

Hey I’m Erica! I am the manager at Sequoia and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist! There are so many things I love about working at Sequoia. I mainly love that I’m always learning and get to use my nutrition background everyday. My favourite question to help customers with is definitely gut health. If you have gut issues, I’m your girl. I don’t know everything but I love a challenge.

Out of all the supplements I’ve tried my favourites are the Adrenal Pro and Clear Day to help with focus and adapt to stressful environments, and Surge – a natural and herbal pre-workout.

I’m at Sequoia Monday to Friday and would love to help you all with any health concerns may you have! Hope to see you soon!

Gorica Barudzija

Hello, I’m Gorica! I enjoy travel, sunshine, art, yoga and hanging out with my cat, Max.

I have worked in the health food industry for 6 years and am continuously learning new things about health and food.

My favourite things about working at Sequoia are helping people transition to natural and eco-friendly products and making pretty displays.

Some of my favourite products are Hidden Brook Farm’s essential oils which are locally made and smell amazing. I always have at least one blend in my purse.

See you soon!


Eleanor Waite

Hi, I’m Eleanor, I graduated from UNB with Anthropology and History as my BA, and went on to work for the Provincial Archives as an intern for eight months, before I started here! It’s therefore a very different type of job from ones I’ve had previously. Over the past year I’ve enjoyed learning and growing here at Sequoia. I love working at Sequoia; my boss, manager and co-workers have created such an amazing atmosphere and I have learned an incredible amount about natural and organic products! It’s really changed my life.

My absolute favourite thing to help customers with is anxiety: I suffer from anxiety myself, so I love being able to help people find a more natural way to treat it. St. Francis Valeri-Calm tincture has made a huge difference. I love being able to help people cope with anxiety and sleeplessness naturally.

Let’s chat soon!

Claire Barkhouse

Hey, I’m Claire! I am one of the newest team members at Sequoia Freddy. In a few months I will be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and I can’t wait. I am really passionate about women's health and sports nutrition.

I love answering questions about absolutely anything to do with supplements and vitamins. My go to products in store are the Coconut Probiotics (yay for healthy gut flora) and the Phillip Adams Orange and Vanilla Body Wash. Oh! and vanilla almond milk coffee creamer is also my jam.

Sequoia is such a welcoming, gentle atmosphere to work in and it always smells great. I love that I am challenged every day with new questions, and honoured to help our customers with all their needs. I hope to see you around. Cheers!

DSCN0025 (1).JPG

Shinaid McGillivray

Hey Ya’ll, it’s Shinaid. I’ve been with Sequoia for over a year now and have loved my journey here so far.

I enjoy working at Sequoia as I get to help provide a large selection of environmental and sustainable brands and products to Fredericton’s community. My favourite area in the store is our bulk herbs and snack section. It’s a herbalists (or witches) pantry. People can bring their own jars to fill with medicine of the earth like raspberry leaf or astragalus! It’s a creative and inspiring section as you can blend your own tea or spices to cooking with. I appreciate the community Sequoia is apart of and helps create here in Fredericton.

Empowering, ethical, and healthy! Working here I feel that I’m able to support consumer’s power to shop ethically. I will be taking some time away from the store come December to explore Costa Rica come say Hi before I embark on this journey.